Printable Santa Countdown Calender

I have been really wanting a countdown calender and couldn’t find one I liked. We were also running out of time. So I decided to let the kids make one. It turned out so well that I then decided I would share with you all. Just print, color, and tape.

This picture above is the only part I didn’t make a template for. This is the back. You can use a box that is premade if you can find one that fits. I cut a square the was 2 inches wider than the opening. I then cut 2 inch squares out of all 4 corners. I folded all the flaps and taped them to form a box. This will be taped to the back of the Santa picture.


Don’t cut the inside off. Cut it so it can be folded into the box and taped. It helps to be more sturdy. Although it wouldn’t really effect it if you did cut it off I suppose.

Click on the pictures for full size or save them to print. If you noticed I fixed an error. Shh.. don’t tell my kids, they haven’t noticed yet.