Attack of the Tree Ornament Mangler Lou Lou

I wish I could show you all pictures of our fabulously decorated Christmas tree, that is if we had one. We did decorate a tree. It was kinda pretty until Lou Lou redecorated it. I went with the mesh this year… I was wanting to use this stuff to make another wreath but put it on the tree instead. I was very happy with the results. It is a very forgiving material that is easy to manipulate.

It was very nice. One of our best. I wanted to go with teal and white but we got these really nice ornaments with the kid’s names on them. They were red and green so we just went with red and green. We were very happy with the results. Pictures courtesy of my new Samsung S4. I love this phone! I could have used the camera and got better pictures and I would have if the tree lasted long enough…

Because this happened… Sorry the picture was blurry, she was a ball of tree decorating or should I say undecorating energy.

And now my tree looks more like this..

So we put the ornaments and mesh back on again… I’m sure glad it’s a seven foot tree because there are no ornaments from two foot and down.