The Case of The Torn School Book


What a day! As the holiday season grows closer there has been a spike of energy running through our home. The kids have been testing momma’s patience. Today has been a mess of tears, screams, and teeth. Lou Lou who was once my sweet innocent little baby girl has turned into the most dreaded thing a toddler can be, a biter. Carebear found out about Lou Lou’s new found hobby the hard way. I sensed it coming. She has been biting me for months, we almost weaned because of the pain.She isn’t used to being told no no either. It broke her little heart to be fussed at for hurting her sister. Yet her sister didn’t say much to her. She did cry but she didn’t yell at Lou Lou. She was trying to be a good big sister.
     The day didn’t stop with just a biting incident. There was also a much bigger crisis. Carebear brought a book from school to read this week end. This was not just your ordinary library book, this was part of the teacher’s personal collection. She knew she was responsible for this book yet she left it sitting on the dining room table. There is where it met misfortune as our resident book destroyer found the unsuspecting book sitting comfortably awaiting it’s return to school. She proceeded to rip the front page severing it from the rest of the book. There was where being a good big sister ended and Lou Lou about received what Super Bub gets on a daily basis. Thankfully momma was within reach of the tiny text terminator. After Carebear calmed down, we tried to get Lou Lou to apologize to which we received a very strong ut uh. Thankfully the book is more common than the last book Super Bub lost last year. We will be able to replace it with a brand new copy easily.
     Carebear has been begging us to try for a little brother. Although she already has a little brother (SuperBub) she still wanted another baby. After today she has decided that three is enough and we don’t need another baby. But it isn’t up to her, me, or even my husband but GOD if we do have another child. She just needs to learn to put the stuff she is responsible for and cares about in her room or a little higher than the kitchen table.