Homemade Christmas Part One- Snowmen Ornaments

This year we are going to do a Homemade Christmas. We are making most of our ornaments as well as alot of other decorations. The first of those homemade decorations is our Snowmen ornaments.

First we got our supplies (We went all crazy in Dollar Tree earlier.) I might like to meantion that feather were good in theory but I would go with garland in the future and that would also be my suggestion if you want to make one.

Our first snow man was made from a regualar Christmas ball and a styrofoam ball with some hot glue, googly eyes, and paint. He has a baby sock that I couldn’t find the mate to on his head.

For the noses I found a gold twisty tie and cut the end off and folded it.

For the next snow man. The dollar Tree had packs of three different sized Styrofoam balls. Which worked out perfectly.

We hot glued the small to the medium and the medium to the large. I painted on his face and hot glued a ribbon around his neck. His crown is the top of the ornament upside down.

The third snow man is made of a Styrofoam ball glued to the top of a bell. The wings are from some tulle I had left after a failed tutu experiment (still going to try again just have to get more tulle). The halo is the rest of the twisty tie as is the nose. Glued on some googly eyes (I wish they were smaller) and painted on his mouth.

And now for Super Bubs snowmen. Carebear wasn’t here tonight she stayed with Granny, so her’s will be up tomorrow.

I  don’t think I should post the other one he made. He got a little happy with the red paint and the pictures looked like snowman crime scene photos.