Ninja, Trees, and Snowmen Beautifully Ugly Cookies

I know it’s a little early for Christmas Cookies but what can I say.. I’m excited. We usually make sugar cookies in this house because they are my husband’s favorite. He doesn’t like icing so we had to force ourselves to hide some before the decorating part. It was hard and I’m pretty sure that all the little ninjas lost their arms before being carried away to the ninja protection program. Also if your wondering why they became ninjas I’ll tell you. The cookie cutter said “Boy” and Carebear was upset it was a boy and not a girl. So I told the kids it was a ninja cookie cutter not a boy. That Boy was just the ninja’s last name. So we made several “Ninjas” with names like April Boy, Stephanie Boy, and  some other names I can’t remember probably because of the current sugar shock to my system. We also made some Power Rangers cause they are “just like ninjas” apparently. On to the cookies…

Please have fun looking at our beautifully ugly cookies:

We have a Christmas Tree decorate before Thanksgiving.. 

The Power Rangers. Wish we would have had yellow. Then we would have had the whole set. Although the pink, red, and blue are now missing as well. I have NO idea what happened to them.. Not a clue… well maybe I have some idea…But I’m not talking. Can’t make me.

A glitter Snowman. Yumm… Now Open…Cookie Bling. Glamour shots for cookies. Bring your cookies to us and we will dress them to impress. Photograph them in a bed of sprinkles surrounded by candy. Warning: Cookie Bling does not promise the return of any cookie placed into the possession of our specialists.

and another tree with a few more ninjas in the background. 

So we have started our holiday baking a little early. But it sure is fun!

Tomorrow’s project… Sweet Potato Pie. 

Has anyone else started their holiday preparations early?