Nablpomo Nov 2 2013 Creating a Reading Spot

When decorating Lou Lou’s room I put alot of thought into a nice comfortable spot for her to read books or relax. It was very important to me that she have her own space just like the older children. She still does sleep with us at night because she is still nursing but she has her own space to put her things.
A big part of her room was designed to be about literacy. She has a book shelf with her books low enough to get the one she wants to read.

I also place new books around so she can see them and take an interest in them.

We also have child size furniture for her to sit on. There is a Princess couch and an Elmo chair. I also took her mattress of her crib (that she never used) and made it into a comfy cozy couch for her to sit on and read. It fits one adult and three kids pretty well, so we can have story time there if we want as well. Her room is Disney and Seseme Street themed if you were curious. Although her love for Doc McStuffins may change that come Christmas.

 I tried to hang curtains from the ceiling but she pulled them down. So I left them down.

Her walls are covered in educational posters, writing, and a letter train.

When I would set up my classroom in my past life as a teacher, I would label everything. Door, Window, Shelf, and so on..  I have yet to do that to her bed room. The more print they are exposed to the better.

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  1. REALLY clever and cozy little nook she has! So important to have the encouragement to read <3 Happy Valentines Day, fellow SITS-sister