Creative Writing Story Prompts

I like to encourage the kids to write their own stories but sometime they need a little help with an idea. So I will give them a starter thought or sentence. I write it on the top of a piece of paper and then they finish the thought or story however they want. Here are some of the story prompts we have used.

1. I woke up this morning and you won’t believe what I found at the end of my bed….

2. My best friend and I like to…..

3. If I was president I would….

4. Jack is a dog who loves to….

5. I saw my closet door open slowly and inside I found…

6. My mommy’s cooking is…. ( I wouldn’t suggest this one if you don’t want an honest answer.)

7. I was outside playing when it started to….

8. At night my teacher…

9. I had a dream about…

10. If I was an animal I would….

Any more ideas?

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