The Stash. What do you do With ALL THAT Candy?

I was surprised at the actual amount of candy my kids brought home this year. I guess the difference between two kids and three is more than I expected. This is not all of the candy they brought home, just a portion that fit into the big bowl. We just made one stop at a local church and at their grandparents, so it wasn’t like we scouted the neighborhood either. I was however pleasantly surprised to find not only tooth brushes but pencils in their bags. I know most kids wouldn’t appreciate the new tooth brush or pencil but my kids were like look it’s NOT candy! YAY. I know… My kids are weird, I have come to terms with that fact.
Carebear hates chocolate and the pencils were a very well liked treat. She has successfully acquired Superbub and Lou Lou’s pencils too. The reason they were so special is that they were not just any pencils. They were the pencils that the lead comes out in little plastic things like cartridges. Plus, she kinda collects art supplies. That is what she always asks for no matter the holiday. She also has her momma’s hoarder gene.
They also really liked the pretzels.
My question is, What do you do with all the candy the kids bring home?
I certainly can’t let them eat all of it. We really just went for the experience and fun, not all this sugar based candy. I’m not going to waste it by throwing it away because there are children out there who will never see such a stash.
I will put it out of the candy junkie’s (Lou Lou)  path for the moment till I can figure out a good use for it. I think I will put the m&ms up to use to make turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving.

What does everyone else do with all their Halloween candy?