Girl Night with my Daughter

Carebear has been feeling a little left out lately. Lou Lou is still nursing and claims a lot of my time and Super Bub has had a lot going on at school so he needed a little extra this week too.  And because of that she has been acting out and pitching tantrums. She has been fighting constantly with her brother and being very hurtful to me. She was calling out (SCREAMING) for our attention. Tonight her dad and I made the whole evening about her. We made cupcakes, painted our toenails and fingernails, and went out to a special dinner. My mom kept Super bub and Lou Lou at her house so we could focus on our budding preteen. We had a lot of fun together. We also made a huge mess that I will have to clean up… Later.

Sometimes I feel she gets left out of a lot of things. She is the oldest, the most independent, and more of a loner than the other two. She likes to do more stuff with girls her own age or by herself and less stuff with her family. So it’s easier to let her go to her room and draw or write her stories. Then I can deal with my toddler and my little boy who is having some jealousy issues with the new kid on his turf. But she isn’t so old that she doesn’t need mommy time sometimes.

 I love the time I get to spend with her. She is a very special girl. She has the most giving kind artistic soul. Unless you happen to be her brother that is. She is always making gifts for people.
We used to say that she would be the first female president. Although she may not be the first, she may be a future candidate. She is very smart. She is also very diplomatic. She has learned to be kind and fair to everyone, except her brother. She has gotten awards every year in school for her friendliness and her teachers have told me she is the first to engage any new student. I’m very proud of my daughter.
She is very creative and always writing stories or songs. She loves art and drawing. She is also a wonderful crafting partner.

I do wish she could find it in her wonderful heart to be kinder and more understanding to her little brother. I don’t know why she feels the way she does about him. It breaks my heart to see them fighting like they do. That however is a thought for another day.

Today is all about how wonderful Carebear is. 
This post is mostly approved by Carebear…. Almost.