Edible Painting Cookies

 My older children are polar opposites than I have Lou Lou who is unique in her own way. Tonight Lou Lou was sick. She has been sick the last four days poor little one. So she was napping and the older kids got to play. We decided to make cookies. We were going to cut out black cats and witches but the cookies were a little on the gooey side and didn’t want to roll. I’m still working out the kinks in my cookie making operation. I usually just use the bag stuff but these were made from scratch and they actually tasted good!
I baked a huge cookie and cut it in half. Each child received one half a cookie to paint icing on as they wished. I don’t know if this would still be considered a cookie or a cake but I will refer to it as a giant cookie. 🙂 We used baby spoons as paint brushes.

We have gotten really adept at this icing recipe. White powdered sugar and a tiny bit of milk stirred up. When it dries it looks smooth. I love it. The taste is pretty amazing too.

As I said before, my older children are polar opposites. Carebear is all about the thought process. Superbub is about impulse. She thinks things through and he doesn’t. Tonight’s projects kinda proved that.

 Carebear started with an idea. She was going to make a monster. It was cute.
 Super bub had an idea. He was going to make a mess. He succeeded. 
 She worked hard trying to make the monster colorful. She choose each color and thoughtfully placed it on her project.
 He mixed all his colors together.
 She added each layer with precision and thought to the final outcome.
 He stuck spoons into the globs of paint.
After tiring of the project, she dumped her whole tray on top of her monster. It kinda looks like…. uhhh…
His looks like he planned it.