Creating a Leaf Book

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We made a Leaf book today. We went on a super leaf hunt in the yard for every different, pretty, or colorful leaf we could find. Super Bub is an awesome leaf hunter. Carebear ended up twisting her ankle and had to sit out the hunt. Although she was feeling much better later. Lou Lou was happy barking at the neighbors dogs and running head first with her arms flailing behind all around the yard.
After the hunt, Carebear used one of her four billion and seven composition books to create our leaf book. (Yes she has ALOT of them, we buy one or two everytime we go out.) She took the leaves one at a time and etched them into her book. We later determined what they were. Thank you google! Although this part was easy as we don’t have a whole lot of different trees in our yard.
 I used to do this activity with my kids when I was a teacher outside of the home. We would use construction paper and hang them all over the classroom. It was a wonderful Fall activity. We learned about leaves and trees. It was a perfect time to learn why the leaves fall in preparation for Winter. 
 You place the leave under the paper with the bottom of the leave facing up. The bottom usually has better lines.
 Then glide the side crayon over the top of the leave to create a picture of the leave. 
 It is amazing to kids to see the leave picture form. 
 Dr. Carebear the official Leaf Cataloger and Analyzer.
 Professional Leaf Hunter and Collector Super Bub.
 Our Leaf collection. 
 We found it in the yard while leaf hunting. Actually this fell out of a tree onto my head and I wanted to run around screaming the sky is falling but I didn’t think the kids would get it. 🙂
 Super Bub posing for me. 
 And then we have Lou Lou with her “I care not for this activity, it bores me look.” 

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