Finger Paint Project… Take One

Super Bub asked me today if we could make our own finger paint. I thought hmmm… yeah sure, we could try. After about three seconds on google, we found several recipes. The one thing about this project I loved… I had EVERY item needed in my cabinets already. I glanced through the numerous finger paint recipes to see which one would be the easiest and most child friendly. Then I decided (my mistake coming up) I can do this, let us go sans recipe and make it up.

So we get ourselves a pot and pour in Flour, water, salt, sugar, and corn starch and start stirring on medium heat. It started getting a little thin and then BAM it was thick and I thought, “OH NO!”

(picture above thanks to Super Bub)

We ventured on and I put a little bit of the goo into four small containers and added food coloring. Still seamed a little thick and chap stick like but we had come this far.

Then we mixed them all together. Pretty, right?

 We used a large Poster board as our canvas. The shiny side up.

This was the part that got really fun. We found out that on the poster board with the slick side up and the finger paint being kinda thick, that you could smooth it and draw on it with your fingers over and over again. We practiced our letters and drew pictures in it. It was kinda like a reusable paper sensory activity. 

and then Momma got a turn.
Clean up was kinda difficult. This stuff did not want to get off anything it got on.