Preparing for Potty Training

I’ve been through potty training twice. Once was a piece of cake and then the second time was not. With this third child I have done everything child lead. We nurse, eat, change, play, sleep, everything on her time. It is pretty rough on mama but she is one happy lil toddler so it’s worth it. I will wait and potty train in her time as well.

My unprompted advice (not a dr just an experienced person) for those in this stage are:

  • Be patient. 
  • It will happen. They aren’t going to wear those diapers to college. Well from what I’ve seen in the past, they may wear them in college but not out of necessity or sanity.
  • Positive Reinforcement. Works for most behavioral training. 
  • Reward those small successes, no matter how small they are. 
  • Don’t get frustrated because if mommy is frustrated, everyone is frustrated. Also a good life lesson. 
  • Every child is different and will be ready in their own time whether you rush them or not. Just because one trained at 18 months doesn’t mean your second child will. 
  • All kids like stickers. Stickers and bubbles are NEVER bad. Just saying.

Lou Lou is starting to show signs of preparing to start the process. She will pull at her diaper before going now and will sit on the potty when she wants to. When she has finished her business she will bring the wipes, diaper, and sometimes cream while holding her nose to indicate she is in need of a changing. And as they say the first step to fixing a poopoo is admitting you have a poopoo. 
She understand the potty and how to flush and flush and flush. At 15 months,  I think she is doing very well. She will even wear her training pants and stay dry for long periods of time. So it’s all about careful guidance while letting her remain in control because she is the one driving.

The other two were trained by the age of 2. They were ready but that was a different time and I did coach them a little. Things were different when my older children were babies. It seems like ages ago but it was only 6-7 years ago. We used bottles that possibly contained (shock)  BPA (I don’t know if they did or not, I didn’t know to look for that). They were also weaned by 12 months and forward facing as soon as they were big enough and not one owned any organic clothing. They did co sleep till they were 5 and I think that was our mistake with Super Bub. Times change as do baby raising advice and our access to it. I really don’t know how we have so many people in the world if EVERYTHING everyone before us did is WRONG. We now have an abundance of conflicting confusing information easily accessible to our over active mommy brains.

I was reading a how to page the other day about letting older children who are potty trained to return to diapers. Such as a school age child in diapers. I couldn’t believe a school age child that is officially potty trained would want to return to diapers but I suppose it does happen. I don’t think that would fly at my house because we are all about moving forward and reaching goals to help encourage successful patterns. I want them to know that in order to succeed in life you have to set goals and strive to reach those goals.

Lou Lou is still nursing, she still likes getting into the baby sling and being carried around, she still likes sleeping in the middle of mommy and daddy and as long as she wants to be my baby, I’m going to let her. I’m not going to rush her into childhood. She is a baby for such a short time as it is.