Cowboy Pouf Cushion

I will be the first to admit this was not my best work. I kinda suck at hand stitching. My problem is lack of patience, time, and too much computer usage causing a little numbness in the tips of my fingers. I found this unique fabric at the thrift store and couldn’t really decide what to do with it. I had been wanting to make a pouf (I think that’s what they are called) since I seen one on pinterest. So I figured out a pattern I thought would work and went for it. I should have taken some pictures of the pieces I cut encase someone who is actually good at sewing wanted to make one. 🙂 But they look kinda like this:

The middle section determines the height of the cushion and the diagonal lines determine the width of the cushion. I made eight of these. Eight worked perfectly.
To put it together put two pieces wrong sides together. Start at the top and sew from the top to the bottom. Then add the next piece wrong sides to one of the ones you just sewed together. Continue around sewing the last one and the first one creating a big loop. I then just sewed straight across the bottom but you could do the bottom just like the top if you wanted to. 
Stuff that thing to the fullness you desire.
To do the top cut a circle the size of your hole and hand sew to the cushion.
Here is my cowboy pouf. I would also suggest double stitching each seam…