We Made Playdough!!

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We have made playdough in the past. When the older two were younger we had time for all kinds of fun activities. Seems we are on short supply in the time department now with school, homework, dinner, baths, and bed. I have been saving all the time consuming projects till the weekend for that reason. Tonight I thought we needed some fun. Everyone has had a rough day and we needed a pick me up. I seen this post about HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH earlier. I thought this would be perfect and the kids LOVE playdough. So we used the recipe in the link and followed it way more closely than I usually follow recipes. I even broke out the new measuring cups.
The cooking stage almost lost me. I thought I had done something wrong. It looked nasty for awhile. I was already picturing in my head my failed graphic for the horror story I was going to be writing. After a few minutes though, it all of a sudden magically became playdough and not the sticky ewwy gooey yuck it looked like before.
Lou Lou didn’t know what to think. She has never been allowed to touch the prized often fought over colorful dough before. This was safe for her to eat if she chose to (which shockingly they all did try.) She thought it was kinda icky from first touch. She said, “Eww.” and was done with it. So she wasn’t a big fan of the playdough.

We started with two colors, Red and Blue and ended with mostly one color, it was kinda a purple. I used ALOT of food coloring. And due to a blue food coloring bottle mishap my finger now resembles that of a smurf at the moment. 
It was very smooth and flexible. It was way better than the cheap playdough and similar to the real stuff. The recipe also made quite a bit of the squishy stuff. There was enough for everyone to have around the same amount as two tubes of the real stuff.
The other two seem to like it but had a few complaints. Super Bub said it stunk, which it kinda did. I seen a recipe afterwards where koolaid was used in the coloring process instead of the food coloring. I think I will make him some more and use some kool aid to aid in the smell. Carebear said it tasted bad. I really can’t address this complaint as they aren’t supposed to be eating it in the first place.
Carebear was especially happy with the outcome. She made all sorts of play foods. There was pizza, hotdogs, and cookies. And if you notice the wardrobe change you have a very good eye. Carebear had to have a wardrobe change between pictures. She wanted to wear her Wolfpack girls shirt. She is such a little fashionista sometimes.
Superbub was kicked off the poster board I laid down to keep the mess to a minimum. I was shocked at how little mess there was. I didn’t have to scrap any off the table. I usually always have to take a playdough ball and dab around the table to pick up the scrap dough that escaped.This time there was no mess. I just had to wipe down their art table and tada clean again.
Even momma got to play some after they were finished and off to bed. You can see the texture and how smooth it is. I then put it all in a baggy and they can play again with it tomorrow. 


Simply D Constructed · February 20, 2014 at 7:03 pm

It looks pretty legit! BTW I love your new picture! I need to make a new one for myself.

R.F. Dietz · February 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm

I found proof for your daughter that you ARE in fact the coolest mom and it came straight from the blog. “Tonight I thought we needed some fun.” BAM! Right there! Only the coolest moms want to have fun just because. And what could be funner than playdough? Making it!!!!!

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