Nutella Chocolate Chip Puffs

I’m an unapologetic Nutella addict. I love the stuff. Here is what I made for breakfast this morning.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes in the Puff pan. I still haven’t figured this thing out but atleast these are not black on one side and mushy on the other like my other puffs. They were pretty yummy too. Just had to take some pictures and here they are. 🙂 Have a wonderful FRIDAY everyone!!!

Did I mention these things are FULL of Nutella? 🙂

One thought on “Nutella Chocolate Chip Puffs

  1. I have nutella on my mind right now. I just saw a post for Nutella brownies yesterday and now this!! I think I need to go pick some up. That might be a nice Valentine’s treat if the roads ever get cleared.

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