We Participated in The Day of Play

Saturday we had our own Day of Play. We made the whole day about play and fun. My house is a wreak so this week coming will be about Week of Cleaning up all the fun.
We woke up EARLY. Carebear began her day with some Hula Hooping in the play room. While Lulu began her day on a cranky note. It didn’t last long she was happy and playing after a little wake up time.

Then we made our own Doughnuts….. ummm…

Then it was outside but I knew we wouldn’t get to stay long… This was what greeted us and it lasted ALL DAY.

They put on their jackets and sleeves and we went out anyway. It actually felt pretty good. Not too hot not too cold. They kids thought it was freezing except little Lou Lou. She was running around and having a great time. I was running around trying to get a picture of her. If you are wondering I let her pick her own clothes out for morning play. I think she did pretty good, for a 14 month old.

We explored the beginnings of falling leaves and nature.

Peek a boo with her stroller.
She was happy and she knew it.

Super Bub rode his bike in a pretend bike race. He won.
Carebear was the cheerleader.
I finally got a picture of Lou Lou standing still.
Then after a few moments playing in the rain, we were forced to go inside. 🙁 But the fun didn’t stop. We had a party in the tent with handmade invites. Then we made Sand-which Monsters.

Than this happened. We read and had quiet play while Lou Lou napped.
Afterwards, back to loud rambunctious play. ART TIME. We painted and got a little crazy with the finger paint….. So we played in the rain some to wash it off.. Well that was a good enough excuse to run around in the rain. No pictures of that. I didn’t want to get the camera wet. 
Then we got ready and went out for some mommy play time. Thrift store shopping for fun. I found some Dr. Seuss fabric!! We went to the mall to see if the inside mini golf was open. No such luck. Dinner with the grandparents at the BBQ place.  Home again for more outside time. The rain had finally let up!
And now a picture of Lou Lou in her jeans.
 After some more run and play we went back inside for pretend school with Mrs. Carebear.
Monday is picture day at their real school so we had a practice picture day at Carebear’s pretend school. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she pretend plays school ALOT.

Long Live Play Time!!!