Homemade Bubbles (Throwback Post)

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What I have planned for our weekend:

I know there are recipes for homemade bubbles everywhere and I’m not quite sure which we used. You could Google it if interested. I remember it had dawn dish detergent and sugar in it. I think we used almost a whole container of both. I do love homemade bubbles. This is what we will be doing again this weekend so some more updated pictures are to come. This was at the old house and also the old camera so not as clear pictures.

We used plates and cut circles out of the middle this time and it worked beautifully as you can see. It created some long tube bubbles when they would spin around. The bubbles bounced on the grass like balls although would pop in a big burst when touched by child fingers.

We had sticks taped to the plated but after a few dunkings the tape got wet and didn’t last long.

The bubbles were stronger and bigger than store bought. They were also heavier. They didn’t float into the sky but went down to the ground. Maybe a little more wind would have helped.

Warning: Picture intense and yes the chocolate did make me do it…

We had a blast creating our own bubbles. I’m looking forward to this weekend and doing it again!!!
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