Mr. Weatherman Crochet Appliques

Oh Mr Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun… please shine down on me… That is one of our favorite songs around here. Usually it involves dancing around the room till we get so dizzy we fall over. This is a set of Weather Appliques.
(They were used kinda like a weather game with Lou Lou.)

Not my best picture taking but my camera was crying for new batteries so I had to hurry to get them taken tonight. I may take better ones after a trip to the store.

 Today was very SUNNY. So we have Mr. Sun. Mr Sun was introduced to Mr. Cheese and Mrs. Grape Juice before this picture. Lou Lou thought they should meet.

We also have for the weather map:
Umbrella with rain drops. Not sure what an Umbrella has to do with weather other than you use one if it’s raining but it’s the applique that inspired the rest. Plus it’s just cute.

Partially Sunny
Grey Skies and Lightening

That is all for now. Thanks for viewing.