Carebear’s Crafty Idea

I know atleast one of my children will be crafty. I don’t think that child will be Super Bub, he is to much of a gamer boy. I don’t know about Lou Lou just yet but she IS artistic. But I think her passion will be more in music. My DIYer will be the eldest of my little crew, Carebear. She always was a very artsy baby. She would rather have some paper and a pack of crayons than any other toy. She loves to make crafts. When we go shopping, the first place she wants to go is the craft section. Which works out rather well for me since that is my first choice as well. We browse aisles of cloth and craft supplies together and she has a very good eye.

Her one downfall in the crafting world is her lack of patience. She wants to be good at something the first time she does it. Whether it is sewing, crocheting, paper crafts, or whatever, she thinks that the very first time she tries to make something it should come out perfectly. That isn’t going to be so. That isn’t always so with someone that has been creating for years. We all have our flops. She goes crazy when something doesn’t work out to plan. That, I hope, will come with a little age. Till then we will create together and deal with the crafting mishap meltdowns together.

Her project she made this week was her own idea. She took Scrapbooking paper and created covers for her notebooks. Very cute. She gave me one, her dad one, and her brother one.