Super Bub and the Maybe playground bully???

Edit: This post is now invalid. I’m unsure of my love for this school now.

My sweet little boy came home from school yesterday with bruises and what looked like a SHOE imprinted into his shoulder. From his story, it was a slide mishap. Ok, kids will be kids and accidents happen. Still my child came home with bruises he did not have when I dropped him off and for that alone, I’m upset. I don’t know how to really handle this. There was no malice intended from what I was told. One little boy was impatient to get off the slide was what happened. Still there is a SHOE IMPRINTED on his back! I could tell which child did it from looking at the bottom of his shoes. That seems a little too much for just playing. I informed the school and have left it with that but if I have to, this momma will take action.

 UPDATE: The school handled things perfectly. I so love this new school. They got to the bottom of things without singling Super Bub out. I really appreciate how much they value my child’s safety. So much for my threat I made to my husband about homeschooling… Was kinda looking for an excuse but now I will have to look elsewhere.