Bounty Hunter Super Bub

I should know by now, don’t ask my kids what they want me to make next. They can come up with the most extraordinary ideas. Carebear wants a Annoying Orange hat. Super Bub wants a bounty hunter hat and backpack. Also a light saber, but I will have to put that off till I can get to the store for some grey yarn.

Bounty Hunter Super Bub’s new bounty hunter helmet and jetpack..


The newest bounty hunter in town was caught in action on his latest mission…

He was after Sweet Sticky Lou who had recently been seen breaking into the Lollipop Bank and making a double withdraw (triple if you count the one stuck to her bottom.)…

After her capture… Super Bub collected his payment (sticky finger hugs) and flew off onto his next assignment, to locate and apprehend the allusive fabric burglar, Carebear the Stash Swipper..

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