Monster Girl Applique How to

Carebear hates button jeans. Why? I don’t know, she just hates them with a fiery passion. If it has a button she is going naked before she wears them. That was why finding a HOLE in her good stretch jeans was just such a heart break. See, they are just pitiful. These jeans were a pain in the butt to locate in the first place so replacing them is not high on my lists of options.

I should just name my blog “What’s a Momma to Do?”
Well this momma asks her girl what she would want to put over the hole. While crossing her fingers and saying “please be a square, please be a square…” No such luck. She wants the Skull head from her latest fad. So momma says ok and gets to work. I have not done anything so curvy and small so this was new. First I cut my pieces out and made a cute little bow for her head.

I made sure it was going to look at least cute.It looks presentable I suppose.

I then zig zagged the eyes and nose to the head. I know most people start with the bottom layer and move up when doing this but I didn’t want to mess the jeans up further before I could see if it was going to work. By the way I’m thinking of hiring my own personal string clipper… Anyone want the job? 🙂

I then zigzagged the head to the jeans. I ran out of bobbin and grabbed a red bobbin thinking you wouldn’t be able to see it. It created an interesting look that I think I like. I then hand stitched the bow onto her head. See why I’m in dire need of a string clipper?

Then the most crucial part. I bribed Carebear to take some pictures while wearing her new jeans. She said they were comfortable which is the biggest compliment I could have expected from her. YAY! I still missed a string I see..