First week back to school was exhausting…

We have almost made it thru the first week of school this year. The kids seem to really like their new school and have taken to it quite well. It  has on the other hand been EXHAUSTING!!!  Summer was so nice. Sleep till whenever, stay awake till when ever, and not have anything planned so if we wanted an impromptu trip to wherever we could just go. Now it’s wake up, breakfast, lunch packed, school, home, homework, dinner, bath, bed. Not as much time for play or fun. Well the weekend comes. It goes rather quickly too but this one is a longer weekend!! I say long live the three day weekend.

Carebear has been asleep since I got them from school earlier. She is so tired. It’s hard being a third grader.. They have hard math or so she says. She is a very smart little girl and I know she will be fine. She just hasn’t used her brain all summer and now it’s asleep. Once she gets back into the swing of things and gets her mind sharpened all will be well in the world of Carebear.
Last year her teacher told us she was the highest level reader she had ever taught. I know she is very smart. Sometimes she fears her intelligence. She doesn’t like to show just how smart she is. I think it’s our society teaching girls they shouldn’t be really smart. I know sometimes she does the least amount of work necessary but not out of laziness but fear she will be mocked for over achieving.

Superbub is just not ever going to be a Yay school kid. It’s just not in his nature. He is a free will, fun loving, good nature little boy. He is also VERY lazy and VERY stubborn. He would also rather be digging a hole to China than reading a book. He thinks life should be all about expressing his desire to not do ANY work whatsoever. He is rather good at expressing himself. Sometimes too good. He will make it thru school, I know he is smart. But it will be by doing only what he has to and he may never know the feeling of “extra credit”.
He likes his new school because he has already made friends. That is his skill in life. He can make friends anywhere. He is just a personable friendly little fellow. He has never met a kid sized stranger.

Then we have Lou Lou. Who did not start school this week. But she does miss her brother and sister. She looks for them and holds her little hands in the air. Although she really does love getting all the attention.
She also loves her little dress shoes. She is going to be a dancer, I think. She was play tap dancing earlier today. So cute. She does love to dance and any music will cause her to start bobbing and bouncing. Her favorite song is If your Happy and You Know It.