Train Crochet Hat

One of these days I’m going to blow this tutorial business out of the water with a great tutorial… or not but hey at least you know if you can keep up with my directions you probably don’t need a tutorial anyway. Because you are awesome. That being said I realize my tutorial skills are lacking but improving… Hopefully.

 Today I’m going to talk about my train hat. This is one for the boys! I use stuffed animals to display so yes it does say Love You, Not part of the hat.

From here on out:
DC means Double Crochet
SC means Single Crochet
Hangies mean the hanging thingies.

This hat starts with a beanie base. Simple 11 dc rows of blue top with 3 dc rows of red bottom and then a sc row of black beanie.
Next would be the side circles. I made a ring and dc around 8 times pulling it tight into a small black disc. I think added a row of 2 sc in each dc in yellow around the edges. Then secure to hat,
 The face is a grey circle with a row of black around the edges.
The eyes are just white circles with black circles in the middle, you could do a ring with black and sc 8 times into the middle pull it tight and then dc twice into each sc around then dc twice in one the dc once in the next then twice again than once again, you get it, around..
 The nose, cheeks, mouth and eyebrows are added with a yarn needle. I have learned you can lightly draw what you want and follow the lines with a kinda in and out stitch.
The smoke stack is made in rows. DC into top of face and dc across 5 times, turn dc across 5 times, turn dc twice in first and then dc across dc twice in last.
Secure face together and then sew around the face with a yarn needle to secure face to hat. This covers you yarn ends inside the space between face and hat.
Add your braided hangies or not. Looks good either way.