Life’s Firsts…

 While I realize that I should be using my “free” time more usefully, like attempting to tackle the mountain of clothing that has laid siege over my laundry room. I have, however, decided to reminisce down memory lane. This week we celebrated the first day of third grade and second grade and first time at a new school.
So I sit here thinking about all life’s firsts such as:
First day of first grade. Smiling face ready for a new adventure.
Or first Valentine’s day. Full of love and smiles
First Big Snow
First Corn Maze (still don’t know how we found our way out.)
First Family Holiday Card… (with Lou Lou also her first Thanksgiving)

The list could go on and on First Christmas (there were three), First bike, First bike without training wheels, first day of kinder garden, first smile, first tooth, first steps… I thank GOD daily for all the firsts he has given me. I’m three times blessed and I love every minute of it. I couldn’t imagine life without one of my blessings as they are imprinted onto my soul. They are my life and I celebrate their firsts as if they were my own. I feel their joy when they learn a new skill for the first time. I feel their pain when they are hurt, whether it is the first time or not. So much of life gets hectic and speeds by. I hope that I always remember to stop, slow down, and place into memory all those beautiful firsts, seconds, thirds….