Skull Monster Girl Crochet Hat

I have had a few ask about my Skull Monster Girl Hat. I thought I would try to explain how it was made to help someone else who may want to make one.

As you can see you can start with a simple beanie shape in white with one bottom row in black. You can find patterns by searching “beanie pattern”.
 I did add a few decreases in the second to last row but it was unnecessary because once on the head you can not tell.
The eyes are ovals with the lashes added when securing the eyes to the white hat. I made them in rows. 
Start with a 5 chain, turn, then sc across adding another sc to the end and beginning of each row for three rows and then decrease from the end and beginning the next three rows. 
Then sc around the whole eye. 
For the bow. I made a ring and DC around 10 times into it. I then started on one side and dc into the middle one 3 times and the next dc I dc 3 times. Turned and dc in first dc 2 times and each next dc 1 time till end and dc 2 in last dc. Cut and tie it off and do the same on the opposite side. Secure onto top of hat.