Ghost Bride Costume…

Well Carebear wants to go as something completely different and unique, which I will still probably make cause it would be so much fun. I won’t spoil her surprise and spill those beans because it was her idea. But I, as a mother of two girls, wanted something cute like a princess or fairy for her. I do have another couple months to talk her into something sweet and pretty. However, if you know my girl you would know that isn’t going to happen.
So we have two costumes we have been playing with this week, just for fun. We have been in a costume mood. Since Halloween stuff has already made it to the shelves of stores, we have had an excuse to dive in with our costume creating. Here is our first two costumes of many this year:
The witch:

And the Ghost Bride: (We will be adding white makeup and black eye liner, plus some fake blood to this for actual wear)