Will they EVER go to SLEEP?!?!?!

I’m not sure if it’s a question, a statement, or a sleep deprived plea from a tired momma. My children have taken to sleeping in the same room at nights. I have let them because all day long they fight like there is going to be some kind of trophy or prize given to the winner. Then at night they become best friends laughing and talking into the wee hours of the morning. The consequence of this is all night giggle fests and sneaking into the kitchen for junk food at 3 in the morning. And NO matter HOW high mommy hides the cookies they can and will find them.
Tonight I sit here listening to them whispering, thinking I can’t hear them. The light went out an hour ago after mommy had to go mommy mad on them. Like I can’t see the light is still on even if they shut the door. The toys are still scattered about from earlier sneak playtime. I go to check on them and I hear, “Scramble, she’s coming!” in a high pitched whisper as the sound of quick movement becomes apparent through the door barrier. I keep trying to tell them I’m mom and us moms have super hearing abilities and we kinda know EVERYTHING they are doing but they have yet to learn that.
I do not know why summer creates vampire like attributes in children. Is it human nature to want to party all night and sleep during the day? I like my sleep. I like the dark to sleep in but I’m just weird I guess. I also like to sleep late on weekends but that doesn’t happen either.
So I’m sitting here listening to them singing Pop Goes the Weasel and giggling as one falls off the bed. I assume one is jumping and flipping the other off and I should probably go check into that. Now they are threatening to bite each others heads off.. more vampire tendencies I should probably be worried about. And then comes scary story time. “Go to bed” I yell. Then I hear little patter of feet. “You woke us up.” and my son gives me a big hug and asks to stay with me for a little while. “I just can’t help it mommy i love you too much” he says with a pitiful little look in his eyes. Smart kid. He knew he had me from I love you too much. I guess it’s another episode or two of Sponge Bob before this momma gets to go to bed tonight.
One day they will be grown and moved away. I will long for the late night giggle sessions and the sneaky little hand prints on the cabinets and refrigerator. I will be able to sleep as much as I would care to but probably stay up missing my loud and rambunctious household. So I’m going to go spend some precious time with my children while I can still snuggle them and cuddle them. Good Night. I may not be sleeping but who needs that anyway.