Ants @#$@#$ ANTS!!!!

I woke up this morning a little earlier than usual and after much deliberation I ventured out of bed. I was careful not to wake the sleeping toddler that had molded to my arm and chest. After looking at the clock and seeing I still had a few hours before the kids would be up, I decided, “Hey I can get something done!” This hardly happens and the choices are endless… I chose hanging Lou Lou’s clean clothes up so she could take them down again and have something to do when she got up. Carrying my basket full of not as tiny as they once were Lou Lou clothes fresh out of the laundry room, I noticed something black and yucky looking in the middle of her floor.

 Sometime last night Lou Lou or another guilty party had left a small chuck of oatmeal cookie in the floor. I can’t fathom how this happened seeing as the rule is “NO FOOD” outside the dining area and children ALWAYS follow the rules. Yeah. Well anyway, there it was and there I was staring at a pile of itsy weensy little black ants that had congregated around said cookie.

 I’m not sure how long I stood there watching them run back and forth but it was probably along the lines of stalking. My eyes followed the trail of little creepies along the floor leading away from the food source to her pool/toy holder and then to the wall under her window. After finding their place of origin, I decided it was time to take action.Well this is a toddler’s room and I kinda love her a lot, so no chemicals.

After me going to my go to (google), I found where you can use Baby powder with talc as a natural alternative to ant deflection. Although Talc is not safe to use on baby’s bottom or while she is in the room due to inhalation dangers, surely around her window sill would be okay, unless today is the day she decides to find out what her window sill taste like. Taking that chance, I sprinkled my little home invaders with some old talc baby powder left over from the days when we apparently were doing everything wrong. As soon as the dusting of sweet white powder fell on their little bodies, they scattered.

 It was ant pandemonium!

 They were going crazy and I stood there watching. This has now turned into some sadistic science experiment. Would it work? Would it not work? Will it kill them? Hmm.. What is going to happen? How is this entertaining me?

Talc does work as a natural repellent for ants. I can attest to that. Will it help to fix the problem for future cookies, fruit roll ups, suckers, or other sugary substances my daughter decides to redecorate with? I do not know. I guess tomorrow I will find out if we have been invaded again or if the house is safe for baby yoga practice.