Pandaparents MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS Review PandaParents has created a user friendly curriculum product that is great for your little ones. Their MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS incorporates learning fun by building on each lesson with a book, video, and workbook! M.E.S.S.Y. stands for: M- Mixed subjects and activities for integrated learning E-Read More →

Under The Ocean Preschool eLearning Activity I have been working on a few different projects lately and this is one of them. It’s another eLearning program for preschoolers with an ocean theme. There are a few different activities in this one. They can count, add, find shapes, build the wordRead More →

 YWAM Publishing Christian Heroes: Then & Now Corrie ten Boom Review YWAM Publishing has published an awesome collection of Christian Heroes: Then & Now  and Heroes of History  books about famous people in history. We had the luck of reviewing Christian Heroes- Corrie ten Boom and the corresponding unit study that was downloadable available for each ofRead More →